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Fantasy Authors: Join us and grow your book selling email newsletters!  This round our theme is House Of The Dragon (Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin). Everyone promotes and we run awesome FaceBook ads to help increase your subscribers!

Grand prize includes a hardcover print edition of Fire & Blood, Plus YOUR free lead magnet!

Since 2015, we've helped over 8,500 authors just like you sell more books by growing email lists, engaging audiences, and getting you in front of hyper-targeted readers who can turn into life-long, book-buying super fans!

Joining is super easy! 1: be writing in the promoted genre 2: offer digital copies of your lead-magnet or book using bookfunnel or a similar program and 3: agree to promote the giveaway!  We take care of everything else, including the prizes. (Scroll down for details with Q&A.)

"Thanks to you, I've more than DOUBLED my mailing list!
I'm really looking forward to great things!

Linsey Lanier

Mystery-Thriller Author



Provide Your Awesome Book

Promote whatever book you like inside the giveaway via a BookFunnel link: first in series, new books, old books, prequels, novels, novellas and/or boxed sets!


We Provide Promo Materials

We make it easy for you to help get the word out with custom, personalized social graphics, pre-written email copy, timely reminders and more!


We All Share!

You share the contest with your newsletter and social media audiences. We also share the contest with our targeted audience that can reach over 3 million monthly sci-fi & fantasy readers!


Readers Get Excited!

Readers enter your contest via our mobile-optimized page. Because everyone who enters gets a free, digital copy of your lead-magnet or featured book, every single person who enters now has the opportunity to discover YOU & YOUR amazing books!


Authors Party Down!

During the contest, readers who select your book to read will be automatically subscribed to your newsletter in real time!  After the contest is over, you get a cleaned list of everyone who joined and can enjoy engaging your new fans & readers!


Beyond nearly every asset or advertisement you can run as an author, the subscribers on your email newsletter can become your greatest book buying asset. 

While every single promotion is different, you can normally expect to receive at least 750 subscribers from each giveaway promotion.  We have had many authors receive well over 3,000 and even as many as 12,000.  However, as there are many factors involved, we always recommend expecting at least 750!

We highly recommend using a service called BookFunnel.  (However, if you have ProlificWorks or a similar service that is also effective.)

After joining, simply put your BookFunnel or ProlificWorks lead capture/lead-magnet link in your intake form and we will take care of the rest.

Yes! Our promotions are GDPR compliant in MANY ways:

  1. Our promotions are only open to US residents and as the GDPR is for Europe/Brittan, it is not a factor.  However, we don't stop there, we take it MUCH further…
  2. We clearly disclose on each contest page the nature of the promotion, and that by joining they are providing their consent to being subscribed to the relevant mailing lists.
  3. We also give clear instructions on how readers may “unsubscribe” from any/all newsletters if they wish
  4. Each reader who joins the main contest is given the option to join each author newsletter via their BookFunnel or ProlificWorks link.  If a reader does not wish to join a list or engage with an author they can simply chose not to sign up.

You can use a similar service such as ProlificWorks, etc. As long as you can provide a link where readers can subscribe to your mailing list and download your featured book, you're good to go!

No. Kindle Unlimited titles cannot be used with list-building giveaways. It is against Amazon's TOS and the Kindle Unlimited program is not the same as a free book or lead magnet.

We have other promotional services where KU books may be appropriate.  Click here>>

These promotions are open to all authors who are writing in the genre featured.  If you are looking for a different genre simply click here >>

We work with authors from all areas of publishing from traditional to indie/self-published, large audiences to small audiences!  If you have a great book readers need to know about… YOU are welcome to join!

When we first started help build author platforms back in 2015 many authors were overjoyed to see THOUSANDS of new readers signing up to their newsletters.  Right after, however, the question came up “this is great, but what do I do with them?”

The answer is actually really simple: Send them messages!  Any time you post on your site, on social or have a new release, tell them about it in an email!

It's truly that simple.  Connect with them, keep your list clean & watch your sales soar!

Our goal is to always have a different group of featured authors on each promotion. Doing this allows for fresh readers to be sent to the promotions each and every time.

That is why we ask that you only join a MAX of 2 promotions (per pen name) each quarter.  Again, you may feature each penname up to 8 times per year.

Our new giveaway lists are published roughly 2 weeks before the start of each quarter and you will be able to sign up to a max of two per penname. 

Our email newsletter giveaway campaigns are always more effective than any others for a few key reasons:

  1. We ONLY focus on hyper focused, niche genre readers who are engaged & looking to discover new authors
  2. We have been for years and are still, running HYPER targeted paid advertising that allows us to create audiences that nobody else has access to (even with the release of iOS 14)
  3. We have built some of the most valuable data in the publishing industry: Actual book buyers.  Since our parent company started over 10 years ago, our single focus has been to actually do what no other publisher or author has: know their actual buyers/readers.  And the results have been staggering. Focusing on this for so many years has allowed us to build an audience of readers who not only buy books, but also buy author fan merch, ecom physical goods as well as audiobooks. 
  4. We often leverage our in-house, custom audiences while dedicating a percentage of total giveaway sponsorships to ad driven traffic. This drives more & more & more engaged readers into YOUR email newsletter. 


We like to keep it between 15-20 authors per giveaway so each gets great exposure with the readers.

We share the giveaway on our own social medias and our daily newsletter! However, it is vital that authors share as well. We will prove you with personalized graphics, your giveaway link, and some copy suggestions for your email newsletter.


Growing your most profitable book selling asset the smart way has never been easier!  We've run thousands of giveaways and helped over 8,500 authors since 2015!  Our hyper targeted promotions are the perfect way for you to be discovered by more readers faster than anything else!

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