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Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes you can.  As long as we are able to link to a place where readers can enter their email, we will send you clicks and your page can turn those clicks into new subscribers.

Yes. We will allow you to provide a link to a free book on any platform.  HOWEVER: You will not be able to build your newsletter from this. Keep this in mind.

Even better: YOU provide US with your Prolific works, BookFunnel, leadmagnet link or even Amazon link to your free book.

Readers will come directly to you.  This is why we are able to track clicks.

We use paid Google advertising, organic rankings as well as social media. Both Google ads and search are typically totally out of reach to most authors because of how expensive they can be and how much time it takes.

But this is our business model. YOU get to benefit.

Yes! Each month we send out a very simple report detailing all the important stats to the promoted page as well as clicks to each link provided by authors.

NOTE: Because you are providing the final landing pages the reportable metric will be number of clicks.

The time frames allow your book to receive a healthy exposure to the new readers who sign up.  You will be given the opportunity to re-join roughly 30 days before your slot ends if you'd like to continue. 


Our service costs less than if you did it yourself for a few reasons:

At the lowest level, an advertising campaign will cost $3 per day for an author.  That's roughly $90/month if you were to run ads on your own.

However, we are ranking in the top 10 results for some difficult keywords AND running paid search traffic to enhance the effect.  The monthly paid traffic alone is well above what any single author would be paying for the same thing. 

The work and expenses it takes to continue these rankings can cost 100x what would normally be paid by a single author (or even a group of authors).

The cost of this service starts at less than $80/mo and a substantial savings compared to doing it on your own.

First, we limit the number of authors who are able to participate. 

Every 7 – 14 days each row of books rotates from the bottom to the top of the list so that everyone is given top level exposure.

Exactly as with our newsletter advertising, you can cancel and receive a full refund as long as you request it BEFORE your book goes live on the download page. 

Once your book is live we do not offer refunds for any reason.

Most books will typically go live within 2-4 business days of the time of sign up.

If you need support, simply reach out!

Yes. Because we are offering this exposure to a very limited number of fantasy authors AND as a bonus to readers who continue with us, we require a minimum rating of 4 stars.

If your free book/lead magnet does not have a direct rating, we can base your rating off the other books in your series.

This program is for Fantasy, Sci Fi & Fantasy “ish”/Sci-Fi “Ish” authors.

What we mean by “ish” is IF your ideal readers are also lovers of the Harry Potter series, they may want to know about you! This means you do not need to be all about wizards/dragons/space or the typical tropes. If you write about “things not always of this world”, it'll probably be a great fit.

You may change your promoted book 1x every 60 days at no extra charge. 

As long as your new release is at a heavy discount, you'll be able to do this. 

KEEP IN MIND: The purpose of this program is to help you gain exposure from readers who do not know you yet. 

Ask Yourself: Does your new release make sense to totally fresh eyes?  Is it part of a sequential series? 

Again, we are totally open to helping promote whatever book you believe to be best. If you have questions, you can always reach out at or Contact Us

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Advertise To Readers From Search For Less Than The Cost Of Doing It Yourself!