Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 1/7

Catty Diva

Micar has been assigned to be the first captain in a junior fleet. They will be tested with a trip to see if those so young could even manage to pull this off. They carried cargo, passengers, and possibly a secret that others wanted to steal. Come along and see if these ten teenagers can take on so much responsibility successfully.


Ghost Legion
Andreas Christensen

Legio Patria Nostra (Lat.) The Legion is our Fatherland.

18 years ago they came to destroy us…

A race of conquerors from deep space had set their eyes on Earth´s riches. Their invasion slaughtered billions…
But humanity united under a common leadership and fought back. We chased them off Earth and most of the Solar System.

The war still rages on, and every year young people are sent out to die, far away from Earth.

Ethan Wang was born on the day of the invasion, during the chaos and turmoil of war, and now he´s ready to join the fight. But first he has to become a soldier, and survive his initiation into one of the toughest military units Earth ever mustered, the Ghost Legion.


Tanith Frost 

A thirst for blood, a boss who's as tempting as he is terrifying, and a dark new world where danger lurks around every corner… so much for resting in peace.
Aviva thought death would be the end of everything. Instead, she awoke after her murder changed—without a heartbeat, without a soul, thirsting for blood and desperate to kill.
The vampires of Maelstrom are monsters in every sense of the word. Aviva should be, too, but she struggles to let go of her past life and her connection to humanity. It's her weakness and her shame, neither of which are tolerated in her dark new world.
The last thing Aviva wants is to become a true monster. But when rogue vampires invade her clan's territory, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, Aviva may have no choice but to embrace the darkness she fears if she wants to save herself and the world she left behind.