Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 8/10

Avenger (Sovereign Stars Book 1)
Blair C. Howard



Five years after physicist Mark Holder discovered the Slipstream Drive in 2058, humanity reached for the stars and began to colonize the galaxy. For centuries, humans continued to populate system after system without encountering intelligent alien life.

Some twelve hundred years later, after many generations of relative peace, in the year 3278, human space is invaded by a powerful and mysterious enemy. To these invaders the very concept of free will is heresy. Their crusade—to eradicate humanity.

The war begins, and the fight for the survival of the human race is on.

Book 1 of Sovereign Stars, Avenger, is the first novel in a gripping, action-filled military space opera in which Avenger, under the command of Knight Captain Richard Morian, is sent to one of the outer star systems on a rescue mission. What he discovers there suggests the entire Orso Carrier Group is destined for annihilation.


Anakisha's Dragon
Eileen Mueller


Anakisha’s plans do not include a dragon.

When her brother is murdered by a street gang, she joins the Night Wings, a local vigilante gang, taking to the streets to avenge him.

But then her gifts unfold. The dragon queen comes calling. And a crisis calls her into action.

Will’s an opportunist, combing the Naobian market to feed his starving sister. Luck goes his way, until a fateful game in a dodgy tavern. He and his best friend wake on a ship, desperate, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates, and armed only with Will’s gift of the gab.
But even Will can’t talk his way out of this one…

If you love swashbuckling pirates & soaring with dragons, read Anakisha’s Dragon!


Stephen Drake


When Kevin Murdock, martial artist and outdoorsman extraordinaire, is revived from suspended animation aboard a transport pod, he and his nine fellow occupants have no idea what to expect.Murdock argues for caution after seeing something strange: animals also inhabit their new environment, all of them larger than their Earthly counterparts. Conflict soon erupts between Murdock and James Whittier – a politician with a lust for power and control.But soon, they all realize that there's something even more dangerous onboard… something that might cost them all their lives.