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After PayPal you will be forwarded to our Intake Form where you can give us all the information about your book – if for any reason you lose the Intake Form page or it doesn’t load, just message us at and we will get you fixed up.

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Entry Requirements

Price – Book Must be either FREE (Permafree is fine) or $0.99.

New Releases – We will accept new releases – if your buy links are not yet available then please include a note stating this on your intake form, you must then send in your buy links via email as soon as they are available.

Previously Featured – We will only feature the same book once every 90 days. It is fine to place bookings as the same author with a different book within the 90 day time frame.

Quality – To ensure the best performance for your ad we recommend that you have a high quality professional looking cover and that your book contents are also high quality and contain no grammatical or spelling errors.

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Need help, Have questions or just need some moral support? No sweat! Just email us at!

Book Your Slot Now:

Need help, Have questions or just need some moral support? No sweat! Just email us at!