Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 12/1

Kalendra Chronicles Four Book Boxed set
Barbara Ferrier

A girl born beneath three moons. A magical land under threat. Can she stop the end of everything?

Tahendra can’t let a puzzle go unsolved. So when the intuitive seventeen-year-old and her bestie find a mysterious journal floating in a closet, she’s determined to get answers from her pal’s estranged uncle. And after discovering the old man is a frequent traveler into another world, she enthusiastically leads her crew through a portal to a bewitched kingdom.

Meeting a powerful wizard who turns out to be her relative, Tahendra is astonished to learn she’s from the enchanted realm and has an important destiny. But no sooner have she and her friends begun enchantment/sorcery training than a poisonous assassination attempt leaves her life hanging by a thread.

Will Tahendra survive long enough to master her abilities and save an ancient magic?

The Complete Kalendra Chronicles YA fantasy series. If you like courageous teenage heroes, lighthearted fun, and the value of friendship, then you’ll love Barbara Ferrier's page-turning journey.


The Last Shadow Knight
Michael Webb

The kingdom will fall. What if you were the only one able to stop it?

On the unforgiving streets of Karad, Veron grows up hungry, inexperienced, and stealing to survive. When a heist goes dreadfully wrong, he finds himself alone and desperate for a change. Opportunity arises when he discovers the last survivor of a secret organization called the Shadow Knights. Apprenticed to learn their ways, Veron develops abilities beyond anything he ever dreamed.

Meanwhile, an enemy from across the mountains comes to destroy their kingdom’s way of life, and the Shadow Knights are the only ones able to stop them. As Veron fights to survive the city, master the Knights' ways, and build a business of his own, he realizes a stark truth—fulfilling his destiny and saving the kingdom will cost him everything.

An epic fantasy for young-adult readers who love books like Mistborn, Eragon, the Name of the Wind, or the Ranger’s Apprentice.


The Blind Spot
Michael Robertson


The Blind Spot exists in defiance of Scala City’s dystopian big brother regime. It occupies a small sector in the city, and those who live there believe in their right to privacy. Scala City believe if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. But the Blind Spot have hackers that could bring the larger city to its knees. This is why it’s never spilled over into all-out war. Until now …

A terrorist attack on Scala City’s main plaza has tipped the delicate balance. There is only one person who can halt the conflict before it begins …

Marcie Hugo, daughter of the Blind Spot’s leader, and the district’s best kept secret. Cybernetically enhanced, she’s faster, stronger, and smarter than most. But more importantly, she’s invisible. Protected and hidden away by her father for the majority of her life, she’s in the unique position to move between the Blind Spot and Scala City unnoticed.

With the best hacker in the city on her side, and while the rest of the Blind Spot prepares for a bloody war, Marcie gets to work …

To avoid total annihilation, she will have to betray everyone she loves, starting with her father …

And even then, her chances of success are slim …

Join Marcie in a race against time as she turns over every neon-lit inch of Scala City and The Blind Spot in a quest to discover who’s trying to destroy her home and why. And even if she is successful, with the number of ties she’s severed, how much of a life will she have left to return to?