Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 8/10

Avenger (Sovereign Stars Book 1)Blair C. Howard$4.99 Five years after physicist Mark Holder discovered the Slipstream Drive in 2058, humanity reached for the stars and began to colonize the galaxy. For centuries, humans continued to populate system after system without encountering intelligent alien life.Some twelve hundred years later, after many generations of relative peace, in … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 8/9

Fate of Wizardoms: The Complete Epic SagaJeffrey L Kohanek$0.99 Join a squad of misfit heroes caught between the schemes of mighty wizards and a contest of gods.At stake: The fate of the world.“Wonderful worldbuilding, an ingenious magic system, beautifully crafted characters, & fun filled adventure.” ★★★★★ The Magic Book CornerFor a limited time, you can … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 8/2

The Jellyfish Device: A Near-Future Science Fiction Techno-ThrillerWilliam Marshall$0.99 Would you risk killing thousands to save the one you love?The Jellyfish Device is a frighteningly plausible hard science fiction thriller set in 2054 Canada. In the background, the far-right opposition party stages a coup and they arrest the Prime Minister and his cabinet. The press … Read more