Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 6/2

The Forgotten Hero
N. M. Felker

As the War of the Stallions grows more intense, what happens when evil conspires to break apart friendships?

King Edric asks a small band of adventurers for help in fighting two wars. At the same time, what has happened to the mysterious assassin named Lucian? The group becomes strained as multiple factions demand attention, including an entirely new threat…

Sir Mordred is the hero of the War of Wrath, the one who delivered the final blow to the Dark Lord Hadron. After victory, his friends all leave for their own paths. Mordred must try his best to find his own purpose. But what happens when his desire for legacy drives him to forge a path nobody expected? What can a fighter do when there are no more fights left?


Shahly's Quest
J Rich Knoll

Humans have taken a sacred unicorn from the forest. Shahly would do anything to rescue the stallion she loves. But she is young and inexperienced in matters outside the protection of the herd. She will need help. She will need an ally. She will need the aid of her kind's greatest and deadliest enemy. But first, she must simply survive her first encounter with one of the most powerful dragons in the world, unaware that he has an agenda of his own…


The Poisoned Garden
Phill Featherstone

Families aren’t all sweetness and light. Sometimes they fight, and when they do everyone gets hurt. This is a coming-of-age story about a broken family and a life-changing friendship.

Peglar and Ragul are half brothers. They hate each other, and they are in competition to impress their hugely wealthy father because he is about to make his will. Peglar has always been the weaker of the two and he is cruising towards failure when he meets Yalka, a poor girl from the slums. She is like no one he's met before and she opens his eyes to the shortcomings of the privileged life he's been brought up to expect. Then a misunderstanding drives them apart.

Now on his own, Peglar finds himself the victim of plotting and intrigue, until he is forced to face Ragul in the dreaded cage, a place of pain in which they are locked to fight until one of them is unable to continue. What’s in it for the winner? And where will that leave the loser?

The Poisoned Garden is book 1 of the Leopard's Bane saga. This is George R.R. Martin with a difference, an action packed epic that will be loved by fans of Game of Thrones!


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