Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 1/26

The Prince Within
Rebecca Koshak

Darren Marcus is a young man preparing for a life as a dedicated monk of Andraste, when a revelation about his true origins is revealed to him. He must travel back to his homeland, fight the evil that has taken over, and fulfill his destiny. Through his journey, he will make enemies and friends, experience joys and loss, and find his prince within.


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Anakisha's Dragon, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 1
Eileen Mueller

★★★★★ “A breath-taking rush of action.”
★★★★★ “Can I give it 6 stars?”
★★★★★ “If you love magic, dragons and pirates, you’re gonna love this!”
Anakisha’s plans do not include a dragon. But one night, the King’s Rider discovers her unconscious in an alley.

Then the dragon queen comes calling. And a pirate crisis calls Anakisha into action.

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Master Mage
Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 4
Eileen Mueller

Three mages:
A powerful dragon mage.
Another plotting to kill him.
And a temptress, hungry for power.

The consequences are dangerous…

What are readers saying about Master Mage and the Rider of Fire Dragon Masters series?

“Captivating. A masterpiece which kept me reading all through the night.”

“The books are page turning bliss! I truly can't get enough!”

“I am always captivated from beginning to end. I love the world the stories are set in. I'm in love with the wonderful unforgettable characters. The twists and turns delight me. Villains you love to hate. And Dragons!”

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