Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 5/6

Immortal Blood: Book 1 of The Immortal Descendants
Toni Cox

*Books 2-4 are also discounted – book 5 (final) is releasing soon*

A true-blood heir of an otherwise extinct fae bloodline, a thousand-year-old magic spell, and a lycan attack—now my eyes are wide open to a world full of monsters.

I have an innate fear of fangs, so when I learn that the super-hot guy that saved me is a vampire hybrid, I’m just as scared as I was when my life was hanging in the balance. But it’s not just him that makes me hot under the collar as I find out what I missed over the centuries.

Turns out, it’s not just lycans who want to take a bite out of me. As every monster takes an interest in me, I soon learn my blood is a curse. And as I learn about my history, it’s not only myself I need to worry about… The truth of what I am places my friends and family in danger, too.

But it’s the vampire royals, with their ridiculous demands, that leave me in the most perilous situation of all. If I pay their price, I turn traitor to my nation. But fighting back means I may have to sacrifice the two things that matter more to me than life itself.

If you like Jennifer L. Armentrout and Bella Forrest, you’ll want to dive right into this new paranormal series.

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The Shadow of the Dark:
The Chronicles of Randy Carter Book 1
Sonya Lawson

Kidnappings. Cults. Cupcakes. One out of three ain’t bad.

When I was a kid, I could play in the shadow world. The older I grew, the weirder and darker it became, so I hid my power away. Now I own a bakery where the strangest thing I see is a request for sexy cupcakes.

It’s all good until an evil cult tries to kidnap me.

Now I’m going through magical training with a no-nonsense mage and a hunky librarian, plus the living shadows I used to play with start doing my bidding.

When my nosy sisters want to get involved, I have to protect them from whatever indescribable horror is slithering our way.

I make awesome sweets, but mess with me and mine, and you’ll taste how bitter I can be.

Book 1 of The Chronicles of Randy Carter. Urban fantasy Lovecraft with snacks, snark, and steam.


Deadlines & Dryads
Rebecca Chastain

While investigating the unrest of the local dryad population, a journalist and her gargoyle companion are swept into a terrifying conflict in this action-packed series starter from a USA Today bestselling author. Start reading this “furiously exciting” free book today!


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