Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 5/10

Aftermath (Disrupted Equilibrium Book 3)William Bahl$0.99 A mysterious contagion devastates civilization. Numbers of infected swell beyond measure, and they are running out of victims upon which to feed. Outlaws roam free, plundering naïve survivors in search of shelter and protection from massing herds of ravenous predators. Cowboy discovers awakened abilities to control the infected, complicating … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 5/8

Bloody Queen (The Fury of a Vampire Witch Book 1)Theophilus Monroe$0.99 Hell hath no fury like a witch-turned-vampire scorned…My long-dead vampire brother has returned from hell. He’s challenged my right to the vampire throne. He brought a hellhound with him. Every time hellbeast kills, the bastard gets stronger. He’s unstoppable. Stronger and faster than any … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 5/2

Wizardom Legends: Temple of the UnknownJeffrey L. Kohanek$0.99 D&D meets Indiana Jones in a new treasure hunting series set in the bestselling world of Wizardoms. A retired master ranger has disappeared, and his daughter is desperate to find him. When approached with this quest, Tor Ranseur declines…until he discovers this man went missing while following … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 5/1

Doctor RefurbMarty Essen$0.99 An unconventional, satirical, controversial, time travel comedy! What if you could deport the world’s worst environmental villains to another planet before their greed condemns Earth to an ecological apocalypse? What if each time you did so, an alien extracted a body part and replaced it with a refurbished one? Would you do … Read more

Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 4/29

Elemental Rising(The Elemental Trilogy Book 1)Toni Cox$0.99 *** The epic fantasy trilogy is now complete.******Start your magical journey with Elemental Rising.***NOTE: Same great books – Brand new coversMaia, Elf Princess of Grildor, has trained her entire life to be the Elemental of her people. Yet, when she returns home to Elveron after her final test, … Read more