Your Sci Fi & Fantasy Reading List – 1/24

Starship For Sale
M.R. Forbes 


When Ben Murdock receives a text message offering a fully operational starship for sale, he’s certain it has to be a joke.

Already trapped in the worst day of his life and desperate for a way out, he decides to play along. Except there is no joke. The starship is real. And Ben’s life is going to change in ways he never dreamed possible.

All he has to do is sign the contract.

Joined by his streetwise best friend and a bizarre tenant with an unseverable lease, he’ll soon discover that the universe is more volatile, treacherous, and awesome than he ever imagined.

And the only thing harder than owning a starship is staying alive.


The Rise of Irina
J.D. Ruffin


Irina wanted to heal the world . . .

. . . then they came.

Raised by two healers, Irina longed to follow in their footsteps and serve those in need. Magic answers her plea, transforming her into the most powerful Healer in the land.

The light in her eyes darkens when the other Mages declare war on her dream.

You'll love this series because everyone needs a little magic in their life, especially when it comes with a side of snark!

Get it now.

The Rise of Irina is a novella, the first volume in the epic fantasy Kingdom War Series by Bestselling Author JD Ruffin.


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Manumina: Book 2 of The Tales of Zren Janin
M.L. Dunker



Red has spent his life trying to avoid a dance with Trouble.

When Red was rescued by the great Softfoot Ngahuru and Koanga the Storyteller, he learned life was more than just survival on the streets of Lowertown. As they traveled through Kerek and Matasi, the West Islanders gave him a new name—Zren Janin—and told him of a homeland he had never known: Conrosa.

Ngahuru also introduced him to Miyamoto Suki, a diplomat of Vikland trying to reach his own country. When Miya asks him to travel with him and protect him over the bandit infested Northern Track, Zren agrees, in exchange for an education at the famed Vikland Academies and future travel to Conrosa to find his family. It’s a wealthy reward—if he stays alive long enough to claim it.

Joining them are three Viklander women: Kern, a Softfoot, Rell, a healer and bowmaster, and Song Yao, a renowned bongmaster. All of them will be guarding an injured firemaster, and two wagons of what Zren suspects are illegal weapons, although everyone pretends they are merely farm implements.

As if the journey isn’t complicated enough, the King of Kerek is sending along the paychest for the garrison at Earles with only four questionable Kereki soldiers to guard it.

Violence erupts daily along the track, leaving Zren and the survivors badly wounded and wondering just who they can trust.

Manumina is the second book in The Tales of Zren Janin series. A story of adventure and the road to understanding who we are, finding a family and creating a home in an alternate world with multiple cultures, languages, political intrigue, and mythology.